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Brett Moore Hypnotherapy Adelaide

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Hypnotherapy Adelaide
Hypnotherapy Adelaide
Hypnotherapy Adelaide
Hypnotherapy Adelaide
Hypnotherapy Adelaide
Hypnotherapy Adelaide

Hypnotherapy is rapid and cost effective, using the latest evidence based practice standards from around the world to achieve:

  • Quit smoking (Our most popular service)
  • Weight loss
  • sports improvement
  • anxiety disorders
  • depression 
  • Self esteem
  • phobias
  • Relationship issues
  • Sexual performance (women and men)
  • Pain management
  • Motivation
  • Hypnogastric banding
  • Cancer care with or without chemotherapy
  • Asthma, auto immune disorders
  • Pre and post surgery care.
  • Stroke and other brain injuries.
  • PTSD including War Veteran and combat fatigue
  • Study and concentration,  and more. See our expanded list.

With 1/3 of the population anxious and depressed, a large portion addicted to drugs including nicotine and alcohol, others taking large amounts of medications for everything from pain to anxiety and depression or drugs like Marijuana just to get by... isn't it time you decided to change your life ?  Lets look at what happens:

Traditional counselling - FAIL.

Tried to quit smoking over and over, used patches, pills - FAIL.

Attempt to lose weight on your own with diets - FAIL

Depressed / Anxious/ insomnia - tried everything but nothing works - FAIL

In Pain, taking drugs but the pain just gets worse  - FAIL

Lost your focus, cant perform - FAIL

Just feeling hopeless, like you have no control - FAIL

Seem to be stuck in life, a bad relationship, or cant move on - FAIL.

Hypnotherapy works on your Subconscious mind. We not only take the time to work out exactly what is going on, we correct both the conscious  & subconscious mind which changes your entire take on the world. You become more empowered with better self-worth, self-esteem, free of bad habits, addictions, and NEW healthy patterns. FURTHER, it happens from just a couple of sessions.

For work cover cases: Please see

Jane Fielder Consulting: Adelaide Hypnosis Centre
Jane is a registered psychologist which gives her some added advantages when working with Work Cover.

We are no longer taking on CHILDREN due to the complexity of parents issues who often find it appropriate to blame the child instead of their own behavior. As a therapist I find this heart breaking that the child not only gets blamed for acting out due to their parents

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